Insurance For Young Male Drivers| Insurance quotations for younger drivers

About Us is a trading name of Pat Britton & Co Ltd. Offering The Best Priced Car Insurance For Young Male Drivers As Independent Insurance Brokers Pat Britton & Co. Ltd. have no ties to any one Institution or Insurance Company, which guarantees our customers that we will find the best possible quotation available for their Insurance requirements. Pat Britton and Co. Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank as a Multi Agency Intermediary. Britton Insurance offer you the best possible quotation available to us from over 50 policy options.


What you should know about your Motor Insurance!

  • Is there a "Driving of Other Cars" extension on your policy
  • What is the monetary excess on your Policy.
  • Is there a No Claim Bonus Protection or a Step Back No Claim bonus Protection on your policy (which is very beneficial in the event of a claim)?
  • Is the correct class of use selected for you if you use your vehicle in connection with your work?
  • Have you a Motor Assistance of Breakdown Assist on your Policy?