Frequently Asked Questions

What is a policy excess?

The policy excess is the sum that you will be obliged to cover when making a claim. Please refer to your policy documents to find out what excess is applicable.


I want to insure my car. What covers are available to me and what do they mean?

Third Party: This is the minimum cover you must have to comply with the Road Traffic Acts. It protects you from claims made by other parties, including passengers for personal injuries or damage to third party property.

Third Party Fire & Theft: Covers you for Third Party claims as above. In addition you are also protected in the event of damage to or loss of your car by fire & theft.

Comprehensive: Covers in addition to the above, accidental damage to your own car.


Can my insurer settle a third party claim under my policy without my agreement?

From time to time claims will arise where liability will be in dispute. Our aim in all cases is to establish the full circumstances and based on same we will make a decision on liability.

Your insurer does have the right to settle a third party claim should they feel that you are liable based on the circumstances provided by all parties involved.

What is indemnity?

In the event of a claim your insurer, subject to the risk being covered, is obligated to compensate you so you are in the same financial position you were before the accident.


Will my policy cover me to drive a vehicle that I do not own?

To qualify for the driving of other cars extension you must be over the age of 25 with a full licence. If you qualify and avail of this addition your policy will provide third party cover for you to drive someone else’s car with their permission providing it is not a hire vehicle or in your custody for business reasons.

Your Private Motor Certificate of Insurance will always tell you whether you have this benefit under your Policy.

A Motor Assessor has deemed my vehicle to be a write off, what is the procedure?

Once a Motor Assessor has deemed a vehicle to be a write off, he will compile the vehicle’s valuation based on the open market value. This will form the basis of the settlement.

There are two categories for wrote off vehicles:

1. Beyond Economic Repair: A vehicle is classed as Beyond Economic Repair when the cost of repair is financially unviable.

2. End of Life: A vehicle will be deemed End of Life when the extent of damage means that it not possible to return the vehicle to a roadworthy condition. We are legally obligated to ensure that such vehicles are disposed by an authorised garage.

Cash is stolen from my vehicle, is this covered?

No, cash is not covered when stolen from your vehicle